1:31PM August 11, 2019

SCATTERED STORMS TODAY; HEAT ADVISORY CONTINUES DUE TO HIGH HEAT INDEX… Some spots are having showers and thunderstorms on this Sunday afternoon, but everyone has high heat and high humidity values in place. The National Weather Service continues to include ALL local counties in a Heat Advisory as heat index values will peak in the 110-115° range today. Monday will be even hotter, with air temperatures in the upper-90s and heat index values near 113° across the region in the afternoon and evening hours. The storms that have fired up today are producing copious amounts of lightning and gusty winds. While widespread severe weather is not expected today (the tornado risk is at basically zero), storms will “pack a punch” in isolated spots across the region. Let’s look at your forecast details…

HEAT ADVISORY CONTINUES FOR EVERYONE LOCALLY… NWS Mobile continues a Heat Advisory, which basically notes the higher temperature and higher humidity values currently in place across the region. Take it easy if you’ve got to be outside for an extended period of time this afternoon/evening. The Heat Advisory continues through Monday at 7PM. Overnight lows on Monday morning will be quite high – some spots may not hit 75° at daybreak. Most places will bottom out in the upper-70s. Air temperatures rise into the upper-90s on Monday with heat index values near 113° in most spots by 2PM.

POP-UP STORMS AROUND TODAY… Heavy rain is happening at the time this video is being produced (1:30PM Sunday). We note that areas near Bayou La Batre, Tillmans Corner, Grand Bay, Castleberry, Damascus, Dixie, and Gosport are experiencing heavy rain and thunder right now. Storms will continue to move slowly and drop very heavy rain in isolated spots over the next few hours. I expect the daily round of showers and thunderstorms to fade after sunset. Most places will be dry by 11PM.

LOWER RAIN CHANCES MONDAY… There is a good chance that Monday will be the overall driest day out of the next 7 days, although there still will be isolated thunderstorms around in the afternoon and evening hours. We’ll call it a 30-40% chance of rain on Monday. Rain chances will rise as we get into the latter half of the week when pop-up storms will be more common in the afternoon and evening hours.

TROPICS QUIET… The National Hurricane Center continues to indicate that tropical storm formation is not expected over the next 5 days. The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean remain quiet.

APP ALERTS… Be sure to download the free RedZone Weather app (redzoneweather.com/app is the link for the free download) and set up your customized alerts. Once you have the RZW app downloaded to your iOS or Android device, visit the Alerts tab (lower right corner), then tap the large, yellow “Alert Settings” button to customize the specific alerts you would like to receive. We have a solution for everyone – folks that want a lot of information and folks that may only want the important, rare alerts. Check out details in the Alerts tab today!

See the radar, graphics, and details in your Sunday evening #rzw forecast video… Enjoy your evening!

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