6:52AM December 24, 2019

MILD CHRISTMAS EVE & CHRISTMAS DAY… Temperatures are slated to warm to near 70° this afternoon as skies become mostly sunny. We’re forecasting nice, cool weather tonight for the evening hours, followed by a cool, quiet overnight locally as Santa Claus makes his infamous sleigh ride across the world. Christmas Day will be quite warm for this time of year with high temperatures peaking in the low-70s. Clouds will increase in coverage later this week as temperatures increase into the mid-70s. We’re looking ahead to the upcoming weekend when showers and thunderstorms will become numerous across our region. While there are some model scenarios that point to the potential for severe weather issues, it remains too early to give any specifics. Let’s look at your forecast details.

MILD TODAY & TONIGHT… Skies will remain mostly clear throughout the day and into this evening. If you’re headed out to a Christmas Eve church service, temperatures will be in the 50s and low-60s. No rain issues are expected today, tonight, or tomorrow on Christmas Day. Santa Claus certainly will not need his heavy jacket across our region as temperatures will be at their minimum around 50° on Christmas morning.

CHRISTMAS TO FEATURE HIGHS NEAR 72°… Christmas Day will be partly cloudy. We start the day near 50 in most spots. Temperatures will quickly rise into the low-60s by 10AM. Most locales will rise to around 71-74° by midday. This decade has (including tomorrow) featured above average temperatures on 6 out of 10 of the Christmas Days. 2015 and 2016 were quite warm, with temperatures near 80 each time.

WARM END TO THE WEEK… Temps will remain well above average as we go into the latter half of the week. High temperatures Thursday and Friday will be in the low-70s with morning lows in the mid-50s. Rain chances will be low Thursday and Friday.

SHOWERS & STORMS RETURN THIS WEEKEND… Our next cold front will approach this weekend. The chance of rain on both Saturday, Sunday, into Monday will be elevated partially because of this. The Storm Prediction Center is noting that there is a chance we could have a round of strong to severe storms under SOME model scenarios. The consistency on this idea in the model data remains low for now. This remains something to watch over the next few days. Temperatures will remain above our climatological norms until Sunday, meaning highs will remain in the 70s with lows in the 50s.

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