7:50PM January 2, 2020

MID-JANUARY LOOKS TO BE QUITE WARM… Preliminary data for the middle part of January certainly points to a high chance of temperatures being well above our climatological norms for this time of year. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issued their latest 8-14 Day Outlook earlier today. The latest outlooks shows an 80+% chance of above climatological average temperatures for much of the Deep South, including all of Alabama and much of Florida.

ALWAYS USE CAUTION WITH LONG RANGE FORECASTS… If you’ve been reading or watching our videos & discussions for awhile, you know I consistently guard against reading too much into weather model data that is beyond 7 days out. The science of meteorology generally just isn’t that good at accurately and precisely predicting weather phenomena that far out yet. The exception I make is when CPC has our area in a HIGH chance zone, which is what we’re in for this new outlook. Odds are we will, very confidently, have above average temperatures between January 10 and 16.

SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE… The Deep South has fared well today with VERY little severe weather activity despite the Level 2 (out of 5) slight risk zone in place to our west earlier. Our local forecast area in south Alabama and northwest Florida remains involved in the low-end, Level 1 (out of 5) marginal severe weather risk zone overnight. The risk of tornadoes is now much lower, although we still could have a few storms that ramp up to strong to severe levels overnight and produce gusty winds. For most of us across the region, I’m expecting a good, soaking rain tonight after midnight extending into your Friday.

RAIN LIKELY FRIDAY… While the risk of strong storms will be long gone to the east tomorrow morning, it looks like much of the daytime hours on Friday will be wet and dreary and muggy. Temperatures will be in the stuck in the 60s and low-70s due to all of the clouds around, causing an insulation-type effect on the atmosphere. Keep the rain gear handy throughout the day.

CLEARING SKIES BY SATURDAY; SUNNY SUNDAY & MONDAY… Cool, dry, sunny conditions are expected on Saturday, Sunday, into Monday. There could be a few lingering clouds and maybe even some showers very early in the morning hours on Saturday. Temperatures will be much cooler this weekend with highs near 60° and morning lows in the 30s.

APP… If you haven’t already, be sure to download the free RedZone Weather app to keep up with all the latest information on the world of weather in south Alabama and northwest Florida. redzoneweather.com/app is the link for the free download. Once you have the app downloaded to your iOS or Android device, be sure to visit the Alerts tab (lower right corner) and tap the large, yellow Alert Settings button to customize the alerts you would like to receive straight from me.

I’ll have your next full forecast video posted by 7:15AM on Friday UNLESS we happen to have severe weather coverage warranted overnight. The chance of a tornado warning happening across our region is very low (<10% chance at this point) but it’s not quite zero. I’ll be near our studio at all times tonight. Updates will be posted in the RedZone Weather app as needed. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great night!

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