1:00PM January 8, 2020

HIGH-LEVEL ALERT QUARTERLY TEST… Good news! You are receiving High-Level Alerts from RedZone Weather if you just received the quarterly test push notification, but wait… Did you know that you should have other alerts set up too? Visit the Alerts tab (lower right corner of the RZW app), then read the descriptions and turn ON the other types of alerts you want to get when I send them. Make sure you turn on alerts for the county you live in, too. Tornado Warning alerts are sent in the specific county selectors. You can turn on as many alert selectors as you want!

ABOUT OUR ALERTS… High-Level Alerts are reserved for the most extreme weather events and are rarely sent. Our next quarterly test will happen Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 1PM. Medium-Level Alerts are sent sparingly. Low-Level Alerts are sent quite a bit. You’re in control of the information you get from us. If you want more alerts, make sure Medium-Level Alerts are turned ON. For even more info, turn on Low-Level Alerts.

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