10:52PM January 10, 2020

QUIET AS OF 11PM… All is quiet across south Alabama and northwest Florida as we approach 11 o’clock Friday evening. Small showers are developing across southern Mississippi. We continue to monitor the cells developing in the Gulf of Mexico, but these remain well offshore for now.

NO NEED TO STAY AWAKE… I know we have MANY people on edge this evening ahead of the significant round of severe weather tomorrow. Severe weather anxiety is a very real thing. There is no need to stay awake right now though. If you’re super “on edge” and can’t sleep, I would suggest TRYING to sleep now and waking up early instead. There is no imminent threat as of 11PM.

While there is a very low-end chance of a strong storm or two before sunrise, the chance is so low that I’m not staying awake myself. I’m going to try to sleep from midnight to around 5AM.

Just as I do, I would suggest everyone have a way to get warnings overnight and certainly into Saturday.

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