2:39PM January 10, 2020

BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS SOURCES TALKING ABOUT A TORNADO OUTBREAK! This viral post has been shared hundreds of times this afternoon falsely claiming that the tornado risk across our region (Alabama & NW Florida) has doubled. (That is a lie.) The post also has several spelling and grammar errors. I certainly don’t mind people relying on multiple weather information sources. I think that is a good thing. I do mind when cowards behind a keyboard not willing to share their names post FAKE NEWS that is a total lie. Please join me in not sharing this total garbage.

REPUTABLE SOURCES… Media outlets, degreed meteorologists with their name on their weather pages (like me and like countless others across the Deep South), the National Weather Service, and nationally-known names like The Weather Channel are legitimate weather information providers. Fake news spreaders often hide behind “YourTown Weather Page, Gulf Coast Weather Alert, Alabama Weather Authority” and other Facebook page names. I have even seen this problem extend to legitimate public service outlets like police and fire stations sharing this fake news. Please help me get the word out: Please rely on LEGIT weather sources, especially considering we have a considerable severe weather risk on Saturday!

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