7:45PM January 21, 2020

ANOTHER HARD FREEZE OVERNIGHT… The map attached is the projected air temperature at 6AM on Wednesday, not the wind chill. Tonight will probably be just as cold or perhaps a degree or two colder than last night. Fortunately, winds are expected to be in the 0-4mph range meaning the wind chill won’t be a big factor. We note temperatures are ALREADY in the mid-30s as of 7:45PM on Tuesday. This is the last freeze for awhile! Temperatures will start to moderate on Wednesday and we will return to near 70 in the afternoon hours next week.

NEXT RAIN CHANCE THURSDAY AFTERNOON… Temperatures are moderating out ahead of an area of low pressure and trailing cold front set to move through our region Thursday night into Friday morning. Showers may happen as early as Thursday afternoon, but it looks like the core window for rain will be from 4PM Thursday to 4AM Friday. No severe weather is expected.

I will have your next full forecast video posted by 7:15AM on Wednesday. Hope you’ll join us. Have a great Tuesday evening!

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