6:58AM February 9, 2021

RAIN & STORMS TODAY; MORE RAIN AHEAD ON WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY… After a night with numerous, loud thunderstorms in many spots across our region, we are kicking off a wet, unsettled pattern today with quite a bit of rain around this morning. Some spots had up to nickel- and quarter-size hail last night. Rain chances will remain elevated through at least Friday ahead of cooler air arriving during the upcoming weekend. While severe weather is not expected today, you may hear a clap of thunder at times, especially this morning. High temperatures will remain above our climatological norms over the next few days ahead of the potential for significantly cooler air arriving next week.

SHOWERS LIKELY THIS MORNING; DRIER THIS EVENING… Rain will continue at times through midday. The overall coverage of showers and thunderstorms will gradually decrease as we get into the afternoon and evening hours on this Tuesday. High temperatures will be in the 65-69° range in most spots.

RAIN & STORMS AT TIMES THROUGH FRIDAY… Another round of showers and thunderstorms is expected on Wednesday and on Thursday. High temperatures each day will be in the low-70s as our area will remain in the warm, humid sector out ahead of a cold front that will move by Thursday night into Friday.

POTENTIAL FOR SIGNIFICANTLY COOLER AIR NEXT WEEK… There is a chance we could have significantly colder air move into the Deep South next week. Model data continues to be quite murky regarding the details, however what I can tell you with high confidence is that the upcoming weekend will trend much cooler compared to this week’s temperatures.

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See all the details in your Tuesday #rzw forecast video. Have a great day!

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