12:08PM August 31, 2021

ALL CLEAR! TORNADO RISK DUE TO IDA FINALLY OVER… Now that storms have cleared to the east of Destin, all of our local area in south Alabama and northwest Florida (west of Opp, Crestview, and Destin) FINALLY gets a total and complete ALL CLEAR. The impacts from the system that was Hurricane Ida lasted several days. We even had a brief tornado warning late last night with multiple severe thunderstorms early this morning. Fortunately, impacts from Ida are now over. We may have a few scattered showers and thunderstorms across the region today and tomorrow, but the severe weather risk is now over.

Thank you to everyone who watched our coverage over the last week ahead of and during this memorable Hurricane Ida event. I believe this event is now the record holder for the highest number of individual tornado warnings we’ve covered in a three day span. I appreciate your trust and your viewership loyalty. Thank you! Thank you also to our wonderful RedZone Weather sponsors. They’re the folks who make our coverage possible every, single day. Please support them! redzoneweather.com/sponsors

Have a great Tuesday afternoon and “good night” from me for a day or two!

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