6:54AM August 31, 2021

LOW-END TORNADO RISK CONTINUES; DRIER DAYS & SLIGHTLY COOLER NIGHTS AHEAD… Rain and occasional thunderstorms will continue to be possible this morning as the last bands of what was Hurricane Ida continue pushing across our region. Rain chances will gradually diminish later this evening. The risk of a tornado in areas along and east of I-65 is low, but not entirely zero, this morning, as storms continue to move to the east. High temperatures today will be in the mid-80s. We have drier days ahead with cooler nights! By the time we get to Friday morning, overnight lows will be in the mid-60s. A few more Tuesday morning forecast notes are below.

LOW-END TORNADO RISK CONTINUES… We continue to observe transient areas of rotation on radar this morning. Some cells could briefly ramp up and produce a tornado or two in areas still having rain this morning. This low-end tornado threat is likely to end by the time we get to midday. As always, if we have tornado warnings in our local area, I’ll come on Facebook Live and bring you the latest information.

LAST ADVISORY ISSUED ON IDA… The National Hurricane Center has issued its final advisory on Tropical Depression Ida. The center of the remnant low pressure associated with what was Ida is now moving northeast and will cross into Tennessee soon. The remnants of Ida will continue to cause a heavy rain and flash flooding threat for a wide area extending into the Mid-Atlantic region over the next day or so.

TROPICAL DISTURBANCE IN CARIBBEAN SEA… An area of disturbed weather associated with an area of low pressure is likely to develop in the southwestern corner of the Caribbean Sea near the coast of Nicaragua. This system will likely move northwest toward the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico this weekend. The National Hurricane Center gives this disturbance a low chance of developing into a tropical storm. Certainly nothing to worry about at the moment, just something to watch over the next few days.

TROPICAL STORM KATE & ANOTHER TROPICAL WAVE… TD10 became Tropical Storm Kate earlier today. Kate is located in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, several hundred miles northeast of the Lesser Antilles. Nearly all of the computer models show Tropical Storm Kate remaining weak and moving out to sea in the days ahead. Good news! We’re also watching a tropical wave that has just emerged from Africa that will likely become a tropical storm in the next few days. Next names on the tropical naming list: Larry and Mindy.

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See all the details in your Tuesday morning #rzw forecast video. Have a great day!

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