6:57AM September 19, 2023

SUNNY TUESDAY; NEXT RAIN CHANCE HAPPENS NEXT WEEK… Plenty of sunshine is expected on this Tuesday. Most communities started in the upper-50s and near 60 inland this morning with mid-60s closer to the coast. High temperatures will be in the upper-80s today with a fully supply of sunshine. More sunny, nice days are ahead through the weekend. Our next rain chance happens on Monday into Tuesday of the upcoming week as we trend toward a wetter pattern.

TROPICS: LOW PRESSURE EXPECTED TO FORM OFF CAROLINA COAST… The National Hurricane Center indicates an area of low pressure is expected to form just east of the Georgia and South Carolina coast later this week. This system may acquire some tropical characteristics this weekend as it moves north or northeast. Odds of the system becoming a tropical storm are in the 30-40% chance range. No direct local impacts are expected due to this system in south Alabama or northwest Florida regardless of if formal development happens.

TROPICS: HURRICANE NIGEL IN ATLANTIC… Hurricane Nigel is located about 800 miles east of Bermuda on this Tuesday in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nigel is expected to remain well away from land areas in the days ahead as the system continues moving north. No direct land impacts are expected because of Nigel in the next 3-5 days and the system will likely remain well away from the USA.

TROPICS: TROPICAL WAVE MOVING OFF AFRICAN COAST… A tropical wave will move off of the western African coast late tonight or tomorrow. The tropical wave has a 70-80% chance of becoming a named tropical storm while moving westward across the open waters of the central Atlantic Ocean later this week and into the weekend. It is entirely too early to know where this system will ultimately end up.

TROPICS: GULF & CARIBBEAN QUIET… The Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea are quiet with no new tropical storms expected to form over the next 5-7 days. Hurricane season runs through November 30.

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See all the details in your Tuesday RedZone Weather forecast video. Have a great day!

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