11:04AM May 27, 2018

BIG CHANGES TO FLOODING FORECAST… Our local National Weather Service office has made significant adjustments to their flood forecast graphic. Remember last evening when a big chunk of our area was under the HIGH/extreme risk? That’s now mainly gone, except from Okaloosa, Covington, Crenshaw, and far eastern Butler counties. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this zone stricken from the forecast graphic completely this afternoon.

TRACK CHANGES… The changes are because the projected path of Subtropical Storm Alberto has shifted much farther to the east. Most of the impacts from Alberto will happen on the east side. We’ll still have heavy rain around tonight into Monday, but nowhere near the 6-12″ of rain that was expected initially. This is great news!

I’m working on a comprehensive video update now and will have that for you between 1 and 2PM on Facebook Live.

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