7:01AM June 13, 2018

SAME FORECAST; DIFFERENT DAY… Numerous showers and thunderstorms will pop-up this afternoon, leading some areas to have upwards of 2 inches of rain before the day is over. Storms will be ferocious at times, with lots of lightning, heavy rain, gusty winds, and small hail being possible. The tornado risk today remains at zero, and the overall severe weather risk is very low. Where it’s not raining, high temperatures will peak around 90.

TROPICAL DISTURBANCE IN CARIBBEAN… The National Hurricane Center continues to suggest a low-end chance of tropical storm formation in the western Caribbean Sea or southern Gulf of Mexico (Bay of Campeche) over the next few days as a tropical disturbance continues its journey moving northwest. No direct local impacts are expected in south Alabama or northwest Florida. The rest of the tropical Atlantic basin remains quiet.

See all the details in your Wednesday #rzw forecast video that will be in the post above shortly… Enjoy the day!

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