7:01AM July 12, 2018

HOT DAY WITH A FEW P.M. STORMS… Storms will be fewer in number this afternoon across south Alabama and northwest Florida. There still will be a few isolated storms that pop up, particularly between the hours of Noon and 7PM. Most of us across our region should stay dry throughout the day. The lack of rain will cause temperatures (and heat index) values to edge up slightly today, with most of us hitting the mid-90s by 4PM.

HURRICANE CHRIS RACING NORTHEAST… Hurricane Chris quickly ramped up to a category 2 hurricane late on Tuesday evening. The system is now racing to the northeast at about 25 miles per hour. Chris is expected to become an extratropical cyclone over the next day or so as it races toward Iceland in the northern Atlantic Ocean. No direct local impacts will happen because of Hurricane Chris.

BERYL REMNANTS MOVING NORTH… We’re also monitoring the clouds associated with the remnants of what was Tropical Storm Beryl last weekend. That system is located near and just north of The Bahamas well off the east (Atlantic) coast of Florida. The National Hurricane Center says there is a 50% chance that Beryl’s remnants will reorganize into a tropical storm over the next 3-4 days. The good news is the system will stay far away from the continental United States as it moves northeast over the Atlantic Ocean. This will be a system for the island commonwealth of Bermuda to watch, however. No local impacts are expected from Beryl/remnants.

The remainder of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and tropical Atlantic remain quiet.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK… Afternoon and evening storms are again likely for the Alabama and northwest Florida weekend. There’s a 50-60% chance of storms each day and high temperatures will again be in the 90s. Widespread severe weather is not expected, but some of the storms could be on the strong side featuring heavy downpours of rain and gusty winds.

See all the details in your Thursday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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