6:58AM August 3, 2018

RAIN CHANCES DECREASE SLIGHTLY TODAY & SATURDAY… While there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms in place across south Alabama and northwest Florida on this Friday, rain chances have started a progressive downward slide. Rain chances today are near 60%. The rain chance for any given spot across our region will decrease to 40% for Saturday and 30% on Sunday. The storms around today could be strong at times, with heavy downpours of rain, lots of lightning, and brief gusty winds. Widespread severe weather is not expected today or in the next few days.

TEMPERATURES HEADED UP… High temperatures, overall, have been surpressed this week due to all of the low cloudcover and heavy rain we have had across the area. Temperatures will increase into the low-90s by Saturday afternoon as we return to more seasonal temperature values.

TROPICS STILL QUIET (GOOD!)… The Atlantic basin (Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and northern Atlantic Ocean) remains quiet.

I’ve got the details for you in your Friday #rzw forecast video… Enjoy the day!

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