6:56AM August 8, 2018

SCATTERED STORMS LOCALLY; “LITTLE DEBBY” STAYS AWAY… The “dog days” of summer continue with hot temperatures this afternoon hours with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Despite being “back to school day” for many students across the region, today’s weather is a continuation of summer! The good news is the tropics are quiet other than a system well away from the continental United States – Subtropical Storm Debby. The days ahead across south Alabama and northwest Florida will be remarkably similar over the next week with scattered P.M. storms and a lot of heat and humidity. We get a brief “break” from the heat on Saturday as high temperatures drop into the upper-80s. Let’s talk details…

DEBBY STAYS AWAY… The small, compact, weak system that is Subtropical Storm Debby that has some characteristics of a tropical cyclone is over 1,000 miles east-northeast of Bermuda. This storm will never come close to the United States and direct effects will not happen. The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the remainder of the Atlantic basin remain very quiet for an early August day.

COOLER AIR MOVES IN THIS WEEKEND… I use the word “cooler” very loosely, as there will be some drier, slightly cooler air sneaking into Alabama from the north by Saturday. High temperatures Saturday will be in the upper-80s for most of us across the region. This is not a cold blast or anything close to it, but if you step outside this weekend, you may (or may not – this is a minute difference!) feel a slight tinge of drier air in place. The “real” cooler air won’t start filtering into our area until early October, most likely.

WEEKEND PREVIEW… Scattered storms are likely in the afternoon and evening hours this weekend, although we should have plenty of sunshine hours at the Alabama and northwest Florida beaches. High temperatures at the beaches should be in the upper-80s both Saturday and on Sunday. Have a way to check the radar this weekend as we monitor storms that pop up.

SEVERAL PACIFIC HURRICANES… It’s a rarity that I ever mention the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Basin, as the systems don’t ever affect our local area. We do note that Major Hurricane Hector (currently a strong category 4 hurricane) will slide just to the south of Hawaii in the days ahead. Tropical storm force winds will likely stay to the south of the Big Island of Hawaii. Hurricane John is also a powerful storm just west of the Mexican coast. Tropical Storm Ileana dissipated and was absorbed by John yesterday. Tropical Storm Kristy is expected to become a hurricane later today. Needless to say, an active period in that basin. The good news is these four storms likely won’t bring destruction to any land areas!

I’ve got all the details for you in your Wednesday #rzw forecast video… Enjoy the day!

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