12:21AM June 19, 2019

STORMS NEAR PENSACOLA BEACH… Early morning thunderstorms are happening from Perdido Key eastward to Navarre. Very heavy rain is falling near Pensacola Beach, Whiting Field, Myrtle Grove, Warrington, Fort Pickens, Gulf Breeze, Oriole Beach, and Navarre. Storms are also happening farther inland near Allentown and Berrydale in Santa Rosa County. There is some lightning and thunder involved with these storms, but the good news is storms are below severe limits.

WHAT TO EXPECT THROUGH DAWN… There may be more storms that pop up over the next several hours. The atmosphere remains conducive for the potential for showers and storms to develop. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have more folks who are woken up by loud thunder over the next few hours. Severe weather is not expected.

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