11:36PM February 5, 2020

LOUD STORMS FIRING UP… Strong storms are starting to fire up yet again across parts of south Alabama and northwest Florida as Round 2 of 3 of our severe weather threat begins. This highly isolated storm has popped up near Dixie, Elim, Alaflora, and Bradley in eastern Escambia County, AL. Heavy rain is also happening in southwest Covington County near Wing, Rome, Pleasant Home, and the Solon Dixon Forestry Center along US29.

MORE STORMS LIKELY TO DEVELOP… More isolated thunderstorms are likely to pop up over the next several hours. Loud thunder and cloud-to-ground lightning will be possible at times. The overall severe weather risk will likely ramp back up as we get into the early morning hours of Thursday (over the next few hours!). Please have something that will wake you up if a tornado warning becomes necessary for your location.

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