7:06PM November 29, 2020

SEVERE WEATHER RISK IS ENDING; COLD AIR MOVING IN… The risk of severe weather across south Alabama and northwest Florida is gradually ending. Occasional lightning and thunder cannot be completely ruled out over the next few hours, but the tornado risk is now much lower than it once was only a few hours ago. The Level 2 (out of 5) severe weather risk zone has been stripped out of our area and there is now a very low risk of a few stronger storms with the main concern being gusty winds. We will give a final all clear in a few hours in the RedZone Weather app, but please understand that vast majority of our local area is done for the day in terms of the severe weather risk. The lingering, low-end risk is concentrated primarily across northwest Florida.

COLD AIR IS ON THE WAY… Our focus will now increasingly shift to the very cold temperatures slated to happen across our area in the days and nights ahead. The coldest morning of this week will be Wednesday morning, but the attached graphic highlights the WIND CHILL values expected for tomorrow (Monday) night into Tuesday morning.

My next detailed forecast video will be posted by 7:15AM on Monday morning. Thank you to everyone who tuned in for our live tornado warning coverage earlier this afternoon. Have a great Sunday evening!

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