6:53AM May 21, 2021

SUNNY, WARM WEEKEND; WATCHING INVEST 91L IN WESTERN GULF… Full sunshine is expected today and on Saturday and Sunday as a large ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our local weather pattern. High temperatures will be in the upper-80s today and near 90 degrees over the next few days. By the time we get to Tuesday and Wednesday of the upcoming week, some locales could easily hit the mid-90s in what is slated to be our hottest streak of temperatures so far in 2021. We continue to monitor the developing subtropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. That system will not ever directly affect the USA, Alabama, or northwest Florida. Another, separate area of low pressure is also happening in the western Gulf of Mexico near Texas. That system could briefly become a tropical storm today before moving inland in Texas or Louisiana. A few more Friday morning forecast notes are below.

INVEST 91L IN WESTERN GULF… An area of disturbed weather is happening in the western Gulf of Mexico several hundred miles southeast of the Texas coast. This developing area of low pressure has a low-end chance of becoming a tropical storm later today before moving inland into parts of eastern Texas and western Louisiana. Regardless of if the storm takes a name before landfall, the impacts for Texas and Louisiana remain the same: Heavy rain at times, gusty winds near the coast, and coastal flooding. This system will pass well to the west of our local area and direct local impacts, other than the ongoing high risk of rip currents at local beaches, are not expected.

SUBTROPICAL SYSTEM IN ATLANTIC… INVEST 90L is an area of disturbed weather near Bermuda that has a very high chance of becoming a named subtropical storm today. This system will meander near Bermuda over the next few days before turning northeast and moving out to sea. No direct local impacts are expected for the continental USA from this storm.

HIGH UV INDEX THIS WEEKEND… The Ultraviolet (UV) Index is slated to be quite high today and over the next few days. This means that the time it takes to get a sunburn is very short for most people. If you’re going to be outside between 10AM and 4PM (peak sun hours), please use sunscreen. I’m speaking to myself, too, as someone who loves being outside on hot, sunny days!

HOT TEMPERATURES INTO NEXT WEEK… While temperatures this weekend will be in the low-90s in some locales, there is a real chance that most locales will be in the mid-90s by Tuesday and Wednesday of the upcoming week. Subsidence, or sinking air, from an area of high pressure over our local area will keep temperatures elevated likely into the latter half of the upcoming week. Overnight lows will be in the upper-60s. Clear skies are expected Monday through Wednesday.

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See all the details in your Friday morning #rzw forecast video. Have a great weekend!

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