7:25PM June 21, 2021

STORM SURVEY: WIND DAMAGE NEAR PENSACOLA & PACE; TORNADO NEAR FLORALA… The National Weather Service completed two more storm damage surveys today, assessing damage caused Saturday morning by Tropical Storm Claudette. The storm survey crew found a tornado path northwest of Florala in Covington County. A storm survey in Pensacola, Ferry Pass, and Pace in northwest Florida revealed a wide area of damaging straight line winds.


Survey Summary: The survey team investigated the reported wind damage in Ferry Pass around the North Davis Highway area, as well as the damage on Wallace Drive and nearby areas in the vicinity of Pace. The team noted pockets of enhanced wind damage in these areas, but could not identify any convergent damage paths that would indicate a tornado. There were notable areas of tree damage in these areas and one home on Wallace Drive had its roof torn off. A few sheds and outbuildings were also heavily damaged or destroyed. Estimated wind speeds were in the 60 to 80 mph range. This is also consistent with recorded wind gust observations in the area in association with this line of thunderstorms. Pensacola International Airport has a wind gust to 81 mph and even further east toward Santa Rosa Sound, there was a recorded 71 mph wind gust.


Rating: EF-0
Est. Peak Wind: 80 mph
Path Length: 0.6 miles
Max. Path Width: 25 yards
Fatalities: None
Injuries: None

Start Date: June 19, 2021
Start Time: 1:12 PM CDT
Start Location: 7 miles NW of Florala, AL
Start Lat/Lon: 31.1041/-86.3977

End Date: June 19, 2021
End Time: 1:14 PM CDT
End Location: 7 miles NW of Florala, AL
End Lat/Lon: 31.1111/-86.391

Survey Summary: A brief EF-0 touched down south of North Creek Road in southeast Covington County. The tornado moved northeast, crossing the road and lifting shortly thereafter. Numerous large tree limbs were downed along with a few small trees snapped. Based on radar analysis of the tornado debris signature, the tornado likely touched down further to the southwest, but the survey team could not access that area.

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